Monday, August 26, 2013

Chicken Vindaloo at Sitar Indian Cuisine

Sitar Indian Cuisine in Birmingham, AL

I didn't expect much when we stopped at Sitar Indian Cuisine in Birmingham.  But I figured almost any Indian food is better than no Indian food, thought we would give it a shot.

Extra napkins, please!

But, WOW, was I surprised -- the food here was excellent.  We ordered  Chicken Vindaloo that just about knocked our socks off.  It was spicy and fabulous.  The garlic naan was to die for.  Get extra napkins!  You will need them to mop up the delicious buttery naan and to dry the tears from your eyes if you order it "Indian hot" like I did.


Prices were student friendly - that is to say - CHEAP!  Would love to pass back through Birmingham and eat here again.

Sitar Indian Cuisine in Birmingham is located next to UAB's medical school campus.  Wish I could transfer to their PA school!  I would eat here every day.

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