Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My cats eat Kleenex while I hide in bathroom mirror

Cornish Rex Cats

Now I know that not everyone loves Cornish Rex cats or even just cats - how CRAZY is that!?
These guys are an acquired taste.  I admit it.  They have little fur and what they have is wavy and fine like down. 
They have minds of their own and just want to do what they want to do when they want to do it!  Oh, they sound like bad toddlers!  Oh my!

Kleenex eating

But here they are eating Kleenex from the box, a favorite pastime of theirs that they mostly perform when they want a snack.  They have several signals to tell me that they WANT FOOD and they want it NOW and this is one of their favorites!!!!!

Not naked

By the way, I am NOT naked in the bathroom mirror hiding behind my iPhone.

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