Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prom of the Dead 2012 - The Whole Hog--How to Eat Good Pig

Flame dancer at Prom of the Dead


This isn't just another chapter in my "PIG GOOD" trilogy, this is the real deal.

The Whole Hog = Pig Good

I love me some Prom of the Dead and the theme this year was Coney Island.
This year was no disappointment - especially when we discovered that there was delicious PIG (aka pork) waiting for us as we exited the Prom!

I went as the Big Cat who tears up her Lion Tamer
After a night at The Prom of the Dead on Genosee St. in downtown Buffalo, the Whole Hog food truck parked outside is just what you want to see.
This couple with baby in utero was my favorite at the Prom.

We enjoyed a spicy pork stew with onions and peppers.  It was steamy hot and spicy deliciousness. 

We enjoy pork (aka PIG) in all its incarnations--bacon, roast pork, pulled pork, BBQ pork and on and on.

Love to roast a pig at holidays.

The Whole Hog knows how to handle pig!  And anytime we see their truck, we are sure to imbibe in some of their juicy well cooked pork dishes.

Prom of the Dead 2012

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