Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sometimes you just feel like a little Sinatra

Sometimes you just feel like a little Sinatra  

Sometimes you just feel like a little Sinatra...

Last Friday night was just that night for me and my husband.  

We were looking for a good authentic Italian meal.  And Sinatra's on Kenmore Ave., has an unassuming exterior--even down market--no valet, no false airs, but the cars in the parking lot looked spiffy so it seemed like a fair chance that this was the right place to get some really tasty Italian food that would fill our bellies and take the edge off of a stressful week.

And we were right!!!

Our waiter was a husky, dark-eyed Italian fellow with an easy nature who looked like who knew what was on the menu from firsthand knowledge.  And his father was behind the bar, concocting some old school basic drinks that were well made.  No new age pomengranate infusions here!

I started with the Sicilian Olive salad, which was a rich blend of green, black, Calamata, mediteranean olives with herbs, olive and balsamic.

We also got an appetizer of Greens and Sausage--this was super good!  And it was perfect for lunch the next day too--because we ordered way too much food.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs on this night and the portions at Sinatra's are like what you would expect at your Italian grandmother's house on Sunday.

I had a veal and eggplant parmigiano special.  It was heavenly with a fresh basil leaf on top.  My entree came with a side of grilled zuchini and a salad.  This too went into our shopping bag of Italian goodness that we left with.

My husband had the Sunday Pork in Sauce this came served over pasta.  The meat was very tender and this dish tasted just like what you would imagine this to be -- your grandma's Sunday pork dinner (if your Italian -- like we were pretending to be).

We had espresso after our meal and this arrived with some almond biscotti that was perfected dipped in the coffee.

Sinatra's felt like home as soon as we walked in--if I were Italian.  I'm not but I DO like to pretend that I am on some evenings.  My husband does too.  Our blue eyes and Irish-Scottish complexions give us away every time.  But we can sure eat like good Italians!  And Sinatra's is a good place to do just that.

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