Sunday, September 9, 2012

Breakfast at Bertha's Diner

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Eat at Bertha's

Bertha's Diner on Hertel Ave. is under new ownership.
The decor is distinctly late Elvis, early tacky--yet delightfully mid-century Buffalo.

I didn't experience Bertha's with the previous management, but we enjoyed the food and classic old school diner experience when we went on Labor Day.

Belgian Waffles at Bertha's

I had the red, white and blue Belgian waffles.  They were a fantasm of blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream atop a fluffy light Belgian waffle.

The bacon at Bertha's, aka pig, was cooked to order crispy and good.

The staff was eager to please and ready to take on special requests.

And there's definitely a perk to seeing guys labor behind the counter on your food--that is if you are a female.

My husband enjoyed his "heart attack on a plate" -- eggs, hash browns, bacon and English muffin.  It was tasty goodness.  And they had Tabasco for us die-hard Louisiana folks.


Cash Only at Bertha's

Bertha's Diner is a cash only establishment.  So save up your pennies and sheckles and make a visit to Bertha's Diner on Hertel Ave.  It's a bit of nostalgic old school diner food and atmosphere in the heart of North BFLO.

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