Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Prepare for a Hurricane Cajun Style.

Cajun Rain Gauge

My do list for hurricane preparation

made simple: 

(even Cajuns can do it!)


So...when it look like this outside


Step 1.  Get a frozen drink of choice at a drive thru daiquiri shop.

Here's mine - a strawberry daiquiri

This will fortify you and improve your attitude for step 2.

Step 2.  Go to Walmart (along with everyone else)

Stock up on water, batteries, bread and granola bars.  You will need these items for when the power goes out.

Oh and get ingredients for brownies, you will need these to make brownies the night before the storm hits.

Step 3.  Get out of Walmart

This is a very important and time consuming step, hence the need for the fortification of step 1.

Step 4. Take the letters down off of Tiger Stadium


-this is IF you live in Baton Rouge


Step 5. Get your generator fired up and ready to run.



Step 6. Put on your Cajun Reeboks aka Cajun rain gauge boots.

Make your brownies and sit back and relax.

Step 7. Get a frozen drink of choice at a drive thru daiquiri shop.

Make this one an EXTRA LARGE you will need it to deal with all the extra family members that are cooped up in your home. 


NOTE:  This is more than just a simple "rinse and repeat" of Step #1.  This is an essential component to your success and survival of the clean up process.

I repeat, obtain an extra large frozen daiquiri for optimal survival of all parties involved.


  1. The image of my Uncle K getting the generator ready for action warms my heart because it meant hot coffee for us on the morning after Hurricane Isaac and being able to keep the contents of the refrigerator. Love the purr of a nice generator.

  2. The Cajun rain gauge is a nice touch, cher!