Friday, August 3, 2012

Rudy's falls short

Bar at Rudy's misses the boat.

Rudy's misses the boat with sluggish service & mediocre food

They have patterned the Rudy's after George's in Baton Rouge.  I have been to George's Restaurant.  I met my husband at George's.

Rudy's is no George's!!

They have the "order here" sign at the bar.
No waitresses here to bring out the food.  Which is fun and right for George's Restaurant in BR, but not really right for the clientele here. And the staff admits that "Marksville just doesn't get it."  So why not change?

Crystal Diamond Alias

I enjoy signing my ticket at George's "Crystal Diamond" so when they call out your name to come get your food, I can be Crystal Diamond just for one brief, shining, funny moment.

This won't work at Rudy's because they don't call out your name to come get your food, and it just lacks the grimy dark hole in the wall, fun factor.

The Grub

House salad with blackened chicken
I recently had the house salad with blackened chicken.  The lettuce was iceberg and very little else in the salad other than a few slices of anemic tomatoes.  The blackened chicken was tasty and well-cooked.  Salad dressings consisted of bottled standard fare--nothing excited or special here--very school cafeteria-ish.  Not even a balsamic vinagrette offered here.

The hamburgers here are decent but nothing to write home about.  And they don't even come with so much as a pickle on the side.  And they admit that their pizza dough is pre-processed frozen and that they just put on the toppings.  Gosh, you can get that at the grocery store.

They have a good location right on the courthouse square in Marksville, but they rarely seem to be busy.
Rudy's just misses the mark and worse than that they don't seem to care.  The staff always looks bored and disinterested in customers.  They are more interested in gossiping amongst themselves or watching the TV behind the bar than preparing food or assisting customers.

Plenty of empty tables at Rudy's in Marksville, LA

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