Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pulled Pork BBQ in Mississippi

Go for the fried catfish and pulled pork

This was my third visit to Jake & Rip's.  I've had the fried catfish and the pulled pork BBQ platter.  Both were good.  Though I would prefer a choice of BBQ sauces--maybe a hot one in the mix.  The pulled pork serving is generous--kind of like good 'ol boy, I ride a tractor for a living big.
Pulled Pork BBQ platter

Pulled pork platter comes with cole slaw, baked beans and a half an ear of boiled corn.

But the side portions are small and the corn on the cob was frozen.      This is inexcusable in the middle of the summer in Mississippi.
The baked beans were good with a sweet but vinegary flavor.

Dog Patrol

The waitresses here are friendly and helpful-despite the picture here of the bartender texting.  They wear tee shirts that say "dog patrol" as Jake & Rip's is named for the owner's two bird dogs.
Bar decor
Waitress texting behind the bar

Jake & Rip's is deep in the heart of Ole Miss Country
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