Thursday, August 23, 2012

DeAngelo's Pizzeria in Baton Rouge

Blue Cheese Vinaigrette salad at DeAngelo's
DeAngelo's offers a consistently good meal.

And, yes, their specialty is pizza but I ordered one of my favorite salads!

I remember when Louis DeAngelo started his pizzeria in the Hammondaire shopping center on Airline Hwy in Baton Rouge.  He started with a New York style pizza concept and you could get "a slice" like you can in "the city."

Then he got big.  Then he got bigger.  Now he has so many restaurants in different areas that I have lost track.

Somewhere in all that his wife, Kristen, was my customer at my maternity and breastfeeding store, Mother's Best.  I helped her with several pregnancies and babies.

Recently while waiting out a huge traffic snarl in Baton Rouge from a wrecked butane tanker truck on I10, I stopped at DeAngelo's on Jefferson Highway for lunch.  My lunch date couldn't get through the traffic, so I dined alone.  This may explain the delay my server had in approaching my table, she probably thought I was waiting on another diner.

I ordered one of my favorite salads that they serve.  Notice that I said ONE of my favorite salads.  Yes, their salads are a well dressed complete meal.  And they are happy to bring me extra lemons.

Yes, DeAngelo's still offers a consistently good meal.
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