Thursday, August 23, 2012

What to do in New Orleans between gumbo and beignets?

Thin fried catfish at Walk On's in New Orleans

What to do in New Orleans between gumbo and beignets?

Answer:  Eat bar food. 

Walk-On or Walk Off in New Orleans

Walk On's in New Orleans offers basic bar food choices and table side beer taps (though I didn't try one on this visit), and it's a good stop when you are fatigued from the French Quarter and tourist food (or just got off a Carnival Cruise like we did).

Buffalo chicken sandwich at Walk On's
The Buffalo chicken sandwich was the best of what we ordered.  It comes with waffle fries which were pretty tempting but no pickle!  Boohoo!  No pickle, a heartbreaker.  My son liked it and I sneaked a bite (or two).  It got a thumbs up rating.

Fried Catfish

I wanted some catfish and decided to try the fried catfish platter.  The waitress explained that it was their "new and improved" thin cut.  The thin fried catfish was too thin.  It was square bits that you could read a newspaper through--really!  It seemed like a dollar and cents management choice for some really cheap catfish as opposed to something to please the palate.


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