Monday, August 6, 2012

Oasis of Everclear: Daiquiri Island Drive Thru

Daiquiris for the road

Daiquiri Island in Marksville, LA is one of those no-nonsense, cinder block construction drive thru daiquiri emporiums that Louisiana is known for.

Frozen Daiquiris to go

If a frozen strawberry daiquiri, Octane 190, margarita, hurricane, sex-on-the-beach, TKO, pina colada or white russian for the road is what you're after, then Daiquiri Island is for you.

And it hits this mark perfectly.  You can get a sample of your chosen concoction in a small paper cup and then choose your poison to sweeten that afternoon children's T-ball or soccer game.

The inside of Daiquiri Island features a pool table and lots of second hand smoke.  And it isn't a place I choose to hang out in.  But it's a fun slice of life in Marksville, LA.
The drive thru gets a thumbs up from me when in the right mood.
Believe Dat!

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