Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fat Boy's Mystery Debunked

Fat Boy's Lounge in Alexandria

I had always marveled at Fat Boy's Lounge in Alexandria, LA from the road.  It's an old gas station made over into a bar that can best be called a dive.  The outside still looks like an old gas station with the service bays.

Finally, today we decided to go in and see what Fat Boy's was like once and for all.  We finally dispelled the mystique.

As you can see here, they went all out on their signage.  You can see why I was attracted to Fat Boy's.

As I approached the door, I nearly chickened out.  But I forged ahead, determined to see the interior of Fat Boy's.  After all I ran the Fat Boy 5K Race in Baton Rouge a couple of years ago, I should be able to stand the bar.

The inside is pure class.  The vibe here is akin to an after work stop off for construction workers looking for a quick infusion of alcohol.

I especially liked the drive up window stocked with pints of bourbon and vodka that are sold at the drive up window to customers in their vehicles.  Nice touch.

A sign on the door said "NO SMOKING INSIDE THE BUILDING."  But the patrons inside smoke away.

Fat Boy's is too skankalicious for me!  I've seen it now and won't be going back.

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