Friday, August 24, 2012

Wendy's Son of Baconator & Wake n' Bacon

The Baconator and Son of Baconator

Wendy's Baconator and the Love of all things Pig

This post is a tribute to my husband, Dave.  Dave loves him some bacon or pig in any form.

Dave loves him some bacon.
My son and I witnessed this fact on our recent cruise, as Dave made frequent visits to the bacon trough on the ship's breakfast buffet for bacon re-stocking.  Yes, Carnival Cruise's Conquest has a well-stocked bacon trough.

Fortunately, for all of us it is not a posthumous tribute.  Though quite possibly Dave risks shortening his life for his conspicuous and frequent consumption of pig.

A risk he readily admits is worth the price.

Pig Good!

Dave's motto is "PIG GOOD." 

Would Tony Bourdain endorse this?  I think yes.

Dave thinks that the pork industry missed the boat when they passed on "Pig Good" as their marketing slogan.

Though I tend to agree on this.  I drew the line at sampling the Baconator at our recent Wendy's visit.

I limit my consumption of processed foods for several reasons.
  • One because there are usually much better things to eat.  
  • I'm concerned about the longterm health effects that the inflammation of veins and arteries from eating fried and processed foods causes.  
  • And because the calorie count is sky high and you are left with that yucky taste in your mouth afterward.
Nough said.

Wendy's Single with Cheese

I have been known, when facing a desperate moment of hunger in a restaurant desert (think Sahara desert of poor choices not rich, yummy dessert) to chomp a Wendy's Single with cheese.

And as fast food burgers go, it is not the worst you can do.  But if I read the nutrition report at the Wendy's counter, which I frequently do, I will change my order to water with lemon and run screaming out of the restaurant.

But David will stay behind and order the SON OF BACONATOR.

It's a good thing David isn't Jewish.  He could never keep kosher!

Wake n' Bacon

Check out this awesome bacon alarm clock called the Wake n' Bacon!  Life is sweet.

I plan to get Dave a Wake n' Bacon for Christmas this year.  Don't tell him, it's a surprise.

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