Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feeding Alligators at Corbett Hunting Camp

Alligators have to eat too!

12 foot alligator grabbing pig guts off the bank
Recently, I have blogged about a lot of restaurants that I've eaten at.  Enough about me eating.
Now it's the gators turn.
Troy Landry to visit Paragon Casino

Troy Landry from Swamp People (just choot 'em) would have a field day here at my uncle's farm.  Every Wednesday, my uncle Dr. Bryan McCann, picks up a barrel of pig entrails at a butcher shop in Marksville, LA and takes them out to his farm and hunting camp, Corbett Hunting Camp, and feeds the alligators.

It all starts when he gets to the bend in the river at his camp and hits the horn on his red pickup truck.  They are conditioned to his horn and 20 gators start swimming toward the bank from as far away as a half mile.  

He hurls pig guts down the bank into the edge of the water as the alligators approach.  We are careful to stand up on the bank behind the cypress knees as we watch them feed.  The "big boys" come in first and grab the juicy lungs and livers.  These are the 10 to 12 feet gators.  The medium and smaller ones come in later and grab intestines and haul them off to eat often with other gators following them and snapping off pieces of their pig guts from them.

Here are some of my favorite gator photos

Corbett Hunting Camp

Dave pushes food to "big boy"
PIG, good!

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