Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pita Pit at LSU Northgate: $1 Beer

The Northgate area at LSU is rich with junk food choices and fast eating emporiums.  There's Louies, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cane's, Wendy's and of course CVS drugstore.  My son dines regularly at all of the above.


But I stopped into the Pita Pit recently for the first time.  First thing that caught my eye was $1 BEER. 
Yes, a buck for a brew!

This probably explains why it was ALL YOUNG GUYS in the restaurant when we visited.  Their beer menu included $1 and $2 beer selection--pretty sweet!

Gyros and Falafel

Gyros salad

We had the Gyros Salad and Falafel Salad to avoid the carbs in the wrap.  They were served in styrofoam boxes even though we were dining in.  College kid style.

The salad was very basic-nothing to write home about.  The falafel was reheated on the flat top grill and had a bitter re-fried unpleasant taste.  I will not try this again here.  The Tzatziki sauce was too thick almost like a dollop of sour cream with a couple of herbs thrown in.  Thumbs down on this one.

Update and correction on the GYROS:
The gyros was good - as reported to my by my husband and son.  But steer clear of the falafel.

Falafel salad

Bottom Line Cliff Notes:

BEER:  Cheap
FOOD:  Meh

Go for the CHEAP BEER, skip the falafel and gyros.

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