Friday, May 1, 2015

Red Pepper in Buffalo NY - Chinese Vietnamese cuisine

Spring rolls
A friend of mine recommended this Asian fusion restaurant -Red Pepper on Maple Rd in Buffalo.

We were in the mood for a quick but tasty lunch to celebrate the last day of class in the spring semester so we stopped in.

Front of this restaurant is a bit tired and shabby - but that describes most of Buffalo - so I let that go.

I don't often eat Chinese American food and I don't usually find satisfaction in the little inexpensive Chinese restaurants that are on every corner through out America - you know the places where you stop in for a quick fix of Sweet and Sour Chicken with a side of fried rice.

Fried wontons at Red Pepper
But Chinese Vietnamese interested me -so I tried it - I liked the spring rolls.  Fried wontons were a bit greasy - but they are fried!

We split the Vietnamese pancake with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts.  We liked it - was a bit bland and we splashed it with soy sauce.

I will probably stop in again at Red Pepper - I want to try their pho!

Living Buffchic Style Buffalo restaurants

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