Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garlic Sausage overlooking the Falls at Horseshoe Landing

We enjoyed the world class view while snacking on garlic sausage and beer.

Garlic sausage & beer overlooking the Falls.

Incomparable view of Niagara Falls

This casual patio area pub spot over looks the horseshoe falls at Niagara Falls, Ontario.  And this value-priced spot has the best view of the Falls that we've seen.  We were so close to the spectacular Canadian side of "da Falls" that we were surprised we weren't covered in mist.

Get the Garlic Sausage

We took our waitress's suggestion and selected the garlic sausage in a bun to share.  The garlic sausage was delicious with just the right amount of seasoning.  This greasy treat was perfect with lots of mustard and relish.

The beer selection though limited includes a tasty "red" beer that I particularly enjoyed.  The service here was friendly and fast.  Our waitress even politely shooed away groups of tourists taking photos at the railing in front of our table so that our view would not be obstructed.
Rainbow over the Falls

This was the perfect spot for a quick snack overlooking the horseshoes falls and the rainbow seen here was a bonus!

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