Sunday, July 22, 2012

Homemade Pizza & Growing Herbs in Boxes

So this is what you get for the going to the grocery store hungry:
a homemade pizza with fresh basil.
We went to Price Rite grocery on Elmwood hungry, happened to see a whole wheat pizza dough in a bag in the refrigerated section and a light bulb went off.
Homemade pizza & salad with feta cheese
We used a bruschetta sauce with chunky bits of tomato and a mix of three cheeses to make the pizza. 
Basil growing in cardboard box

Fresh basil leaves from my porch herb garden were layered under the cheese. Next time improvement: I will put the basil on top of the cheese, as they do at Romeo & Juliet's Cafe.  It is more visually appealing.                                                   

I grew herbs and lettuce in cardboard boxes lined with plastic bags on my patio this summer as I saw the idea in Birds and Blooms magazine. 
The cardboard boxes are inexpensive and eco-friendly containers.  They have worked well, and though I could have decorated the boxes I didn't and the herbs are just as happy.
Parsley and basil growing in cardboard box
Radicchio on a balcony rail pot


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