Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Towne on Allen Street - Mediterranean fare in Buffalo, NY

My husband and I stopped in for a lunch at The Towne on our first full day back in Buffalo this summer.  We were ready for a treat as we got ready to dive into summer classes at Canisius College.

Gyros and a Greek salad at The Towne in Buffalo
The dining room is spacious and was busy on the day we visited.  But the service was slow and laborious.  Most of the waitresses looked like they were on qualuudes--they appeared sluggish, unhappy, slow and all looked only dismally present in the moment.

I ordered a Greek salad, and Dave (my favorite man person) had the gyros.  The gyros came in chunks as opposed to strips shaved off a spit.  We learned from the manager that the health code in Buffalo does not allow meat cooked on spits.  So no chicken schwarma here.

The Greek salad was nicely presented but consisted of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, a couple of calamata olives, a pepperoncini and some feta cheese.  Definitely not the best Greek salad I've sampled lately.

The gyros plate was tasty but not as expected due to the chunks of meat as opposed to the slivers of shaved lamb.

We may give them another shot when we are on Allen Street, but not until we have exhausted other venues in the area.

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