Friday, July 27, 2012

Scary Meal at The Carriage House Restaurant

Courtyard at The Myrtles

Scary Meal and Scary Prices at America's Most Haunted House

This small, quaintly decorated restaurant next to The Myrtles Plantation promised a pleasant meal, but we were very disappointed.

The service though friendly was slow, uninformed and dismal, despite the fact that we practically the only customers.

Our server failed to fill our water glasses and brought out the wrong vegetables with our meal even when we were the only table of customers in the restaurant. Service was slow and inept.  We were served a rectangular brick of fried grits cake that was sodden and tasteless, then we realized that wasn't what we ordered.
Mahi mahi, asparagus & grits cake

When they brought out the "grilled asparagus" it was three paltry pieces of limp asparagus and the new potatoes were glorified hash browns.

Our sensation salad had little or no dressing. The blackened mahi mahi was flavorful.

Wine glasses were small and underfilled despite the full charge of $8.50 for a glass of red wine. The fried green tomatoes were topped with crab meat and a balsamic reduction which was nice but the mound of mayonnaise heavy tartar sauce underneath each slice was not. The bread pudding though sweet and tasty had very little whiskey sauce. We asked for extra and it was brought out cold in a plastic cup.

Pricing way out of line

Their prices are those of a higher level of service and better quality dining establishment.  And when our bill arrived there was a gratuity already added to our ticket and a place to add a tip!  We had to ask that the gratuity be removed from the total so that we could select our own tip amount.  This was not mentioned on the menu that a gratuity was included.  We were only a party of two.  There was no excuse for this.
The Myrtles

Hollywood has gone to his head

The owner of the restaurant spoke with us as we left and he boasted that the Hollywood crowd filming a Danny Glover movie at Angola was on their way over for a late dinner and that they dine frequently there.  They probably don't know any better and there aren't many decent choices in the area.  And their expense budgets don't care where they eat!  The owner owns a gas station down the street and this is his new venture.  He should keep to pumping gas and what he knows!

We were very disappointed and do not plan to go back.
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