Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sole Margaritas: tasty but pricey


Sole on Elmwood is a fun, light stop for a Margarita. I dislike dark bars and emporiums.  And in BFLO it is too easy to get depressed due to the dreary weather, the last thing you need is a dark place to drink your Margarita.

Their Margarita's (on the rocks) are served with a generous amount of salt and are a tasty, well balanced mix of tequila and lime. I like the bright, airy atmosphere at the front of Sole.  There's great people watching on Elmwood.

Light, airy atmosphere important in Buff
The Margaritas are good but small for the $7 price tag.

The chips and salsa are a good side to the ritas.  The guacamole made a table-side at Sole is a specialty here.  I recommend it.  They smash the avocados for you and include the amount of lime juice and and cayenne that suits you.  But it's so large that it becomes dinner!

Menu at Sole

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