Friday, July 27, 2012

Questionable Walmart Practice: Cigarettes Merchandised Next to Infant Formula

Walmart display cigarettes next to baby formula in Amherst, NY

Walmart displays Marlboro cigarettes next to Enfamil baby formula:

Above picture taken at a local Walmart in Western New York

Juxtapositions can be hilarious, ridiculous or just plain stupid.  This one hits all three.
And look at the exorbitant prices on both of these products!  Nearly a $100 for a carton of cigarettes!  Wow, AND it debilitates you for life!  What a deal.

Questionable merchandising

Is Walmart saying that smoking is just as ill advised as using baby formula, so here buy both?  Or Are they merchandising this way because those who purchase cigarettes frequently purchase formula also?

Formula display at Harvest Foods
I wrote a post on my pawannabe blog about a similar merchandising strategy at Harvest Foods grocery store in Marksville, LA, have a look at it here.   They display their baby formula on the counter directly in front of the liquor.  This comes under the "Just Sayin'" heading for me.  The definite hmmmmm, sidelong glance, "what are we telling the shopping public here?"

I could write a dissertation worthy article here on these topics, but I won't.  I will leave the viewing pleasure to you, dear reader, of these various current and retro merchandising strategies.

More funny WNY advertising

Vintage Retro Ads remind us of how much our views have changed

Look at these vintage magazine ads. Now NYC is banning over sized sugary sodas being sold.

And not long ago they were marketing 7 Up and cola to mothers for their infants and putting captions under babies commenting on their mother's smoking habits.  WOW!

How about the "More Doctors Smoke Camels...", good one, huh?

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